Know More About Eye Specialist

If you are treated by an eye doctor regularly, then it is possible that you can avoid or control different types of vision problems. Your vision is very valuable because you can use it to do all the basic tasks and more. Do not underestimate and ignore the symptoms that develop.

There are many eye doctors available that you may need to meet in this life like: eye care specialist, optometrists etc.

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Optometrists are a type of eye doctor who offers primary eye care. They are not all doctors, but they are registered health professionals who can diagnose and treat common eye diseases. You can prescribe lenses, recommend treatment and rehabilitation, and even carry out surgical procedures such as removal of foreign bodies and laser surgery. 

You will need a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.), Bachelor of Optometry, Bachelor of Science (BOptom BSc) or Bachelor of Visual Science and a Master of Optometry before the Australian College of Optometry recognizes you as an optometrist.

You can see an eye doctor if you experience symptoms of glaucoma, myopia and hyperopia, cataracts, and other retinal disorders. Optometrists can also help you with high blood pressure and vision problems related to diabetes.


There are more serious eye diseases that require knowledge and specialization. An eye specialist specializes in eye anatomy and all aspects of eye care. You must have a doctorate in ophthalmology, followed by a two-year stay and five years of specialist training