What Causes Domestic Abuse?

Conflict and arguments between the couple are natural and can even strengthen the already healthy relationship. When you are dealing with a partner who is not very safe but simple problems can turn into big fights and even rise to the domestic violence in United Kingdom

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If you find that even when you are calm stating your complaint or ask your partner not respect or degrading reasons could be more than just an emotional immaturity. 

Domestic Abuse happens when partners feel he is being asked to give more than capable of delivering. This kind of ego threat is a common trait of the rough. When the argument becomes circular, loud, explosive they can easily turn violent due to insecurity threatening you and your partner know no other way than the state of painful thoughts but ended by intimidation.

One of the main causes of the symptoms that led to the Domestic Abuse – lying, cheating, screaming, hitting – is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 

Friends and family coarse emotional people often feel insecure themselves because they want to know if they are doing "something wrong" or be able to do something different in order to avoid misuse or prevent future narcissist Domestic Abuse.

There are techniques and skills to learn how to not only recognize the difference between the behaviour of the perpetrators and reactions but also how to relieve or even intercept triggers them to avoid disputes that might turn into Domestic Abuse.