Culinary Career Focus – What Is A Sommelier?

If you are considering a career in cooking and you are a lover of wine, then working for the position of the Sommelier or the Wine Steward is the best cooking career choice for you. A Sommelier is a trained professional who works in fine restaurants. 

A Sommelier specializes in all the aspects of serving wine. It is a much more sophisticated role as compared to that of a wine waiter. If you want to get more information regarding sommelier then you can navigate to

As a Sommelier, you will also be responsible for the development of wine lists. You will also be in charge of the delivery of the wine service and for the training of the restaurant staff with regards to the wine. 

A Sommelier will also suggest the pairing of wine along with the different kinds of foods that are served in the restaurant. Thus, to become a Sommelier, you would need to have good knowledge of how different foods complement and combine with different kinds of wine, beer, spirits and other beverages.

As a professional Sommelier, you will be working directly with the patrons of the restaurant, working with the preferences of the customers with regards to taste and budget limitations. You will also be involved in conducting and attending several wine-tasting events which are designed to educate and attract wine lovers the restaurant. 

You will thus be in the enviable position of being able to guide, educate and talk to people about wine. As an experienced Sommelier, you will be able to describe the regions, grapes and even the vineyards and vintages of a variety of wines. As a Sommelier, you would also be travelling frequently to different places where wine is produced and would also be involved in the processes of procuring a variety of wines for the restaurant.