Settle Your Dispute With Family Mediation

Family mediation is a new way of dispute resolution in which divorced couples find a resolution of a dispute together. The reason of dispute between the couples can be regarding children or property. In today’s time, mediation is considered as a most convenient way of dispute settlement. It is a procedure that is carried outside the courtroom.

In mediation, same person work for both the parties and takes impartial decisions. The decision taken out is on bases of mutual understanding between both parties. In court proceedings, things are not the same.


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The best alternative of dispute resolution is ‘family mediation’ (also known as ‘familienmediation’ in the German language). Things are sorted between two parties outside the courtroom. There are some cases in which court system order for such things.

There are few benefits associated with family mediation that you need to now. From here you will get to know why more people are shifting toward family mediation.

  •    Family mediation is a less expensive way to resolve the dispute in comparison to courtroom proceedings.
  •    Issues are resolved in a better way with an outcome that is in favor of both the parties.
  •    Family mediation is more convenient in comparison to traditional litigation.


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Now let’s have a look at how the mediation process works. In mediation sessions are overlooked by a mediator. In court-ordered mediation, the mediators are registered with the court system.

Most of the mediators are generally public account, psychologist, professionals with great moral value and the one who have undergone mediation training. For family issues regarding children ‘lawyer for family mediation’ (also known as ‘anwältin für familienmediation’) can be chosen.

When the parties reach some conclusion then an agreement is signed out by both parties. If the mediation is court-appointed in that case agreement is sent to for court approval.