Japanese Kanji – A Brief Introduction to Written Japanese

In its written form, the Japanese language is among the very interesting but possibly intimidating languages for a Westerner to find out. For languages that just use the conventional 26 letters Latin alphabet, composed Japanese has no frequent ground on which to compare or find out.

There are 3 distinct "alphabets" or character sets used in Japanese, they're Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Find out more information about how to learn kanji readings by browse online.

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The first two are jointly called kana and each pair is made up of 46 personalities with each symbol representing just one syllable. The next group of Japanese characters is a really large collection of symbols known as Kanji.

Estimates vary on how many Kanji has been in existence, however, the total is over 5000 symbols. The Japanese didn't have an official method of composing over 2000 decades back so that they embraced Kanji in the Chinese language.

A number of the Kanji have been transformed and over the years a lot of the Kanji characters dropped from common use. In an effort to simplify the machine, the Japanese government has compiled an inventory of 1945 Kanji which are regarded as the'essential Kanji characters'.

To be completely proficient in reading and writing Japanese you want to be aware of the kana and also this listing of almost 2000 Kanji characters, though many indigenous Japanese don't learn all of them until nearing completion of high school.

Unlike the kana that are single syllables, each Kanji signifies entire phrases or parts of phrases. A number of the Kanji are picture-like in layout and a number of the characters signify the words they really look like, as an instance, the Kanji symbol for'2' is just two flat lines, so the Kanji symbol for'shrub' looks like a shrub.

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