Choose Wisely Between Wooden & Plastic Pallets

We cannot imagine that the final decision-making tool for businesses, especially in a down economy is now going to be anything other than price.

Companies are looking under every palette, literally, to see if they could take the boards off and save thirty cents. If you want to buy quality based pallets in Sydney then you can hop over to this website

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How easy to reconfigure/redesign the packaging of your wood vs. plastic packaging? You do not need to be an engineer to answer that question.

Wooden pallets are considered to be replaced in many cases because of how economical they are. Plastic pallets usually require a “rental pool” where tracking pallets to try to restore them to the original owners attempt to try and avoid the cost of delivering pallets to the organization’s customers.

Plastic pallets are at least three times the cost of comparable wooden pallets. We have more than 500 customers in the palace pallet as we lovingly refer to our pallet company, and we continue to consider the impact of plastic vs. wood.

For now, though, based on the needs of our customers we are still largely focused on wooden pallet manufacturing and recycling.

Plastics are also recognized as a more sanitary and easier to clean than wood. And since not absorb moisture or harbor bacteria – such as salmonella, E. coli, or Listeria – it makes an ideal choice for processing pallets and handling in the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical sectors.